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Researchers Pioneer New Braille Keyboard - Researchers from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Spanish charity for the blind ONCE (Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles) have developed a Braille keyboard for PCs that has some unique features. July 22, 2006

Modern Medicine Offers Terminator’s Bionic Arm For 170,000 USD - The Pentagon has recently unveiled a bold plan aimed at developing a bionic prosthetic arm by 2009. U.S. scientists hope to build an artificial limb that would look and function as a real human arm. July 21, 2006

Nano Lube Could Make Possible Ultra-Dense Memory - Researchers have helped to smooth the way for memory chips that are 10 to 100 times denser than today's devices, by developing a way to cut down on friction at the nanoscale. July 20, 2006

Team Invents Fast, Flexible Computer Chips On Plastic - New thin-film semiconductor techniques invented by University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers promise to add sensing, computing and imaging capability to an amazing array of materials. July 19, 2006

Virtual Reality Puts Telepathy To The Test - Scientists at The University of Manchester have created a virtual computer world designed to test telepathic ability. July 18, 2006

First Direct Observations Of Spinons And Holons - The theory has been around for more than 40 years, but only now has it been confirmed through direct and unambiguous experimental results. July 17, 2006

Mercury Atomic Clock Keeps Time With Record Accuracy - An experimental atomic clock based on a single mercury atom is now at least five times more precise than the national standard clock based on a “fountain” of cesium atoms ... July 16, 2006

Laser Tweezers Sort Atoms: Major Hurdle On Path To Quantum Computer - Physicists of the University of Bonn have taken one more important hurdle on the path to what is known as a quantum computer: by using 'laser tweezers' they have succeeded in sorting up to seven atoms and lining them up. July 15, 2006

Paralyzed Man Moves Computer Cursor Through Thought - A Paralyzed man using a new brain sensor has been able to move a computer cursor, open e-mail and control a robotic device simply by thinking about doing it, a team of scientists said. July 14, 2006

Purple Haze: Ancient Pigment Reveals Secrets About Unusual State Of Matter - More than 2,000 years ago, craftsmen in China created a fiery-violet pigment from barium-copper silicates that historians now call Han purple. July 13, 2006

Magnetism Vital To Superconductivity - Scientists report strong evidence that magnetic fluctuations are key to a universal mechanism for pairing electrons and enabling resistance-free passage of electric current in high-temperature superconductors. July 12, 2006

Nothing But First-Class Seats At The Movies - Invisible, but audible, is the latest attraction at the Bavaria Film Studios near Munich. The "4D cinema experience" is the second movie theater in Germany to have departed from conventional multi-channel sound. July 11, 2006

Researchers Create Broadband Light Amplifier On A Photonic Chip - Cornell researchers have created a broadband light amplifier on a silicon chip, a major breakthrough in the quest to create photonic microchips. July 10, 2006

Nano-Chips To Power Computers, Phones Of The Future - British scientists are playing a key role in the drive to make electronic gadgets smaller, smarter and even more powerful. July 09, 2006

New Ion Trap May Lead To Large Quantum Computers - Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have designed and built a novel electromagnetic trap for ions that could be easily mass produced to potentially make quantum computers large enough for practical use. July 08, 2006

Surprise Your Girlfriend With A Night Flight For 1.7 Million Dollars - Every once in a while people fly in their dreams . Today, thanks to scientists’ blue-sky thinking, everyone who is ready to pay 1,700,000 dollars for a new bed can be sure that they spend all their nights flying. July 07, 2006

Samsung Mass Produces Ultra-Fast Gaming Memory Hardware - Samsung's mass production of GDDR4 marks a dramatic increase in performance for the graphics industry, and should appeal to companies like Nvidia and ATI ... July 06, 2006

Microscopic Flag A Test In Nanotechnology - Imagine singing "Oh, say, can you see" to a flag you can't see. That's what graduate students at the University of Texas at Dallas had in mind when they created the likeness of an American flag so small it would take more than 10 to span the width of a human hair. July 05, 2006

Cheaper, Cleaner Combustion - A simple new design for combustion chambers used in power plants could slash the amount of pollutants and the costs to consumers. July 04, 2006

Seagate Invents Nanotube Lubricated Harddrives - Seagate has submitted a patent for a technology it invented that could give current hard drive technology a few more years of life. July 03, 2006

Nanotubes Might Not Have The Right Stuff - Scientists and science fiction fans alike have big plans for carbon nanotubes; it has been hoped that a cable made of carbon nanotubes would be strong enough to serve as a space elevator. July 02, 2006

Samsung Develops 2Gb Flash Memory Using 60nm Process - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology, announced today that it has successfully developed a faster and higher capacity version of the world's fastest memory chip. July 01, 2006

I Robot, Your Companion - Robotic technology is advancing apace and now a top team of European scientists and engineers hope to make the leap from single function ‘dumb’ machines to adaptive learning machines. June 30, 2006

Cray Announces "BlackWidow" Next-Generation Supercomputer - Cray will introduce a new supercomputer platform dubbed BlackWidow later this year. June 29, 2006

Magnetic Fields Could Make Computers 500 Times Faster - Magnetic fields created using nanotechnology could make computers up to 500 times more powerful, if new research is successful. June 28, 2006

Scientists Develop Computer Than Can Distinguish Human Emotions - An "emotionally aware" computer system designed to read people's minds by analysing expressions will be featured at a major London exhibition. June 27, 2006

Sony Chief Confident About Recovery, Aims To Sell 100 Million PS3s - The top brass of Sony Corp. have told shareholders that the electronics giant was firmly on the path to recovery and set a goal of selling 100 million PlayStation 3 machines. June 26, 2006

Big Wheels For Little Cars - Chemists build the world’s smallest auto dealership, molecule by molecule. June 25, 2006

Army Official: Robots Need Improvements - Robots are playing an important role in U.S. military operations in Iraq, but upgrades are needed before battlefield bots take on greater responsibilities, an Army official say. June 24, 2006

In 2021 You'll Enjoy Total Recall - Software will allow you to easily carry years’ worth of searchable memories-in your pocket. June 23, 2006

New LCD Technology Outperforms CRT - a company named eCinema Systems has announced a new LCD technology that it claims surpasses CRT in virtually every respect. June 22, 2006

Computer Creates The Perfect Face Of A Man That Strikes Women's Imagination - Researchers at the School of Psychiatry of St. Andrew’s University in Scotland made a computer drawing of a perfect man’s face thought to be irresistible to most women. June 21, 2006

Swimming Robot Tests Theories About Locomotion in Existing and Extinct Animals - An underwater robot is helping scientists understand why four-flippered animals such as penguins, sea turtles and seals use only two of their limbs for propulsion ... June 20, 2006

An Adaptive Interface For Controlling The Computer By Thought - Controlling a computer just by thought is the aim of cerebral interfaces. June 19, 2006

Supercomputers To Transform Science - New insights into the structure of space and time, climate modeling, and the design of novel drugs, are but a few of the many research areas that will be transformed by the installation of three supercomputers ... June 18, 2006

Cellular Phone Of The Future To Bear The Capacity Of Super Computer - The cell phone will be shortly capable of combining all means of communications ... June 17, 2006

Several New Single-Molecule Magnets Discovered - Several new single-molecule magnets have been discovered by George Christou, James H. Rudy Professor of Chemistry at Indiana University, and his research group. June 16, 2006

Japan To Develop Internet Search Engine - Major Japanese companies plan to develop technology for a advanced search engine to hit art the market dominance of Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft. June 15, 2006

Floating Robotic Spheres From The Millennium Falcon To The ISS - In 1999, MIT engineering Professor David Miller showed Star Wars on the first day of class. During the scene where Luke Skywalker practices his light saber against a seeker remote, Miller stood up and said "I want you to build me some of those." June 14, 2006

Modern Robots May Deprive Humans Of Many Professions - There are quite a few ideas in respect of the future. The ideas usually vary. However, all futurologists agree that robots are destined to play an increasingly big role in doing a wide range of jobs. June 13, 2006

Getting Computer Grids To Talk To Each Other - Grid computing is one of the most exciting developments in information technology, providing users with enormous gains in power and resources at a minimal cost. June 12, 2006

Lite-On Readies Blu-Ray Drives - Lite-On IT, one of the world’s largest optical disc drive manufacturers, has announced production of BD (Blu-ray Disc) compatible drives this summer. June 11, 2006

Supersoldier Of The Future To Master Animal Instincts - Military scientists are going to use human tongue as the main tool to create a super warrior who will possess the best abilities of the representatives of the animal world. June 10, 2006

NIST Bullet Tests Make Frangibles More Tangible - Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology are measuring precisely the disintegration of “frangible” bullets when they strike a surface to better understand how the ammunition might affect body armor. June 09, 2006

Robotic Technology Lowers Military Risks - With suicide bombing and improvised explosive devices escalating violence in Iraq, engineers are working to advance robotic technology to counter these deadly military problems. June 08, 2006

Asus HDMI-Enabled Graphics Cards - Asus showed two graphics cards with HDMI connectors on its stand at Computex this week. June 07, 2006

Japan, NASA To Discuss Supersonic Jet - Stung by repeated setbacks, Japan's space agency plans to start talks next month with NASA about jointly developing a supersonic successor to the retired Concorde. June 06, 2006

Alienware Goes Live! With Blu-Ray - Alienware will offer AMD LIVE! (AMD’s answer to Intel’s Viiv) Aurora 7500 and Aurora ALX desktop systems, enabling users to consolidate their photos, videos, music, and movies in one place ... June 05, 2006

In 2011 You'll Never Have To Clean Your House Again - Nanotechnology could soon allow you to sanitize your bathroom with a flip of a light switch. June 04, 2006

A PC That Goes Beyond Mini And Micro To Lilliputian - Sony has miniaturized all of the usual components on its way to making the Vaio UX Micro one of the smallest portable computers in the world. June 03, 2006

Now $130 PC Due In April 2007 - The $100 PC has received a bit of inflation, now expected to sell for $130. June 02, 2006

Researchers Make Robot Hand Controlled By Human Thought - A robotic hand controlled by the power of thought alone has been demonstrated by researchers in Japan. June 01, 2006

Hitachi Debuts New LCDs And Plasma TVs - Hitachi unveiled its new LCD TV and plasma display offerings today, including the first 42-inch plasma screens with a full 1080 vertical lines of resolution. May 31, 2006

Honda Develops Mind-Controlled Robot Interface - World-renowned Japanese automaker Honda has announced their recent achievement in developing a thought-controlled interface for robots. May 30, 2006

Nokia CK-20W Multimedia Car Kit - The CK-20W puts “communication, music, navigation and push-to-talk” into your hands-the same hands that should be on the steering wheel instead of diddling with this. May 29, 2006

Toshiba To Launch 2GB miniSD Memory Card For Cell Phones - Toshiba today announced an expanded line-up of large capacity miniSD memory cards with the introduction of a 2GB capacity card. May 28, 2006

ITER - Experimental Fusion Reactor - Costing an estimated 10 billion euros to build the ITER experimental fusion reactor will be the second most expensive scientific collaboration of all time after the international space station. May 27, 2006

Duracell Launches Higher Capacity Batteries - Duracell has announced the latest additions to its rechargeable battery line designed to meet the growing demands of high-drain devices like digital cameras. May 26, 2006

Inexpensive Detector Sees the Invisible, In Color - The detector, called a Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) array, was the world's largest (one million-pixel) infrared array when the project was announced in March 2003 ... May 25, 2006

New Samsung Notebook Replaces Hard Drive With Flash - Samsung Electronics said Tuesday that it will launch two mobile computers in early June that will do away with hard drives altogether, replacing them with 32 gigabytes of NAND flash memory. May 24, 2006

Halo 3 Multiplayer Already Being Tested - In the latest Bungie Weekly Update, Frank O'Connor has revealed that they are already testing the multiplayer mode of Halo 3. May 23, 2006

NEC Blurs Line Between Real and Virtual Robots - NEC recently announced that after years of research, they have developed a technology that makes the difference between robots ... May 22, 2006

Searching For The Soul In The Machine - If computers could create a society, what kind of world would they make? May 21, 2006

The Real Google Search: Find A Way To Lock In All The Users - Google has also made dramatic changes to the technology landscape, announcing products at a spectacular rate. May 20, 2006

Strobe-Light Safety Gear - In a large city a bicycle is a cheap and efficient means of transportation but at the same time riding the crowded streets can be a bit hair-raising. May 19, 2006

PIAGGIO MP3 Three-Wheeled Scooter - In 1946 PIAGGIO launched the first Vespa models and even today the icon of cheap personal transportation can still be seen scooting around big cities... May 18, 2006

Gamers To Help Create Web Record - A website that aims to record the history of videogame innovation is calling on games fanatics for help. May 17, 2006

PlayStation 3 Rethinks Card Games - Sony is re-imagining the way we play old-fashioned card games with one title for the forthcoming PlayStation 3 (PS3) games console. May 16, 2006

Incredible New Military Robot - Developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from the U.S. military, the BigDog prototype is arguably the world's most ambitious legged robot. May 15, 2006

Hybrid Cars: How They Work And What They Really Cost - One of the most widely available and popular alternatives to gasoline-powered cars is hybrid technology. May 14, 2006

Microsoft Agrees To Extend Windows Code Licensing - Microsoft will continue to license important technical data that competitors need to make their software work well with the Windows server operating system ... May 13, 2006

E3 2006: Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard - This keyboard made its debut at CES back in January, but since then it has gotten quite a makeover with some new fantastic features. May 12, 2006

If One Zoom Lens Is Good, Kodak Hopes That two Are Even Better - Kodak satisfies both demands by placing two zoom lenses side by side in a 0.9-inch-thick camera. May 11, 2006

Sony Reveals PlayStation 3 Prices - The new PlayStation 3 (PS3) will hit Japanese stores on 11 November, with the US and Europe following less than a week later, Sony has announced. May 9, 2006

World's Slimmest Mobile Phone - Samsung Electronics develops the world's slimmest mobile phone. May 8, 2006

Robots Control Cockroaches - Researchers succeeded in controlling cockroaches with tiny mobile robots. May 8, 2006

Android Eve Robot - South Korean scientists have created the world's second android. May 6, 2006

Creating The World's First Cloaking Device - Cloaking devices that render spacecraft invisible in Star Trek close to reality. May 6, 2006

Solar Powered Bicycle - The first all Solar electric bicycle. May 6, 2006

Baby Robot Takes First Steps - Robot modelled on the torso of a two year-old child. May 5, 2006

Switchgrass Alternative Energy Solutions - Switchgrass could help break dependence on fossil fuels. May 5, 2006

Water and Nanoelectronics Create Ultra-Dense Memory Storage - Amazing possibilty. May 5, 2006

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