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Distance Records Set for Quantum 'Keys' Transmission - Using an innovative sensor for detecting single photons, the smallest particles of light, scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Albion College have set two significant distance records for distributing “keys” for quantum encryption ... October 10, 2006

Supersonic Jousting Combats Shockwaves - Early fighter pilots were sometimes called knights of the air, a reflection of medieval times when knights used blunted lances in jousting tournaments to dismount competitors from their horses. October 9, 2006

Robots That Feel Like Rats - With their dismal vision, rats rely on their whiskers to navigate the junkyards and sewers they call home. Now, a pair of mechanical engineers has devised a mathematical model that tries to mimic how animals use ... October 8, 2006

New Technology Helping Foster The 'Democratization Of Cartography' - Mark Harrower recalls a raging debate in his field in the 1970s, when some geographers worried that commercial map-making software would trigger the demise of cartography. October 7, 2006

Researchers Aim To Close 'Green Gap' In LED Technology - A team of researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has received $1.8 million in federal funding to improve the energy efficiency of green light-emitting diodes (LEDs). October 6, 2006

Method Could Help Carbon Nanotubes Become Commercially Viable - Carbon nanotubes are intriguing new materials which have been highly touted for their exceptional mechanical, thermal, optical and electrical properties. October 5, 2006

Manipulating Light With A Tiny Needle - Using the tip of an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), it is possible to map the wave pattern of light, trapped in a so called optical resonator, with unprecedented precision. October 4, 2006

Rice's Single-Pixel Camera Takes High-Res Images - For all their ease and convenience, there are few things more wasteful than digital cameras. They're loaded with pricy microprocessors that chew through batteries at a breakneck pace ... October 3, 2006

Robot Wheelchair May Give Patients More Independence - Engineers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are developing a robotic system that may offer wheelchair-dependent people independent, powered mobility and the ability, depending on patient status ... October 2, 2006

Robots Quick-Step Humans Into The Future At US Exhibition - Robots are ready to take over from the army of workers who do not have time to prepare their daily meals. They could also teach you ballroom dancing. October 1, 2006

MIT Laser Method Unveils Ultrafast Photochemical Reactions - MIT researchers have made a fundamental advance in understanding how different environments affect chemical reactions by devising a novel way to observe ultrafast photochemical reactions - reactions induced by a pulse of laser light - in crystals. September 30, 2006

Haute Couture From The Experimental Physics Lab - A team of Austrian physicists has recently developed ultra-thin pressure sensors that can also be processed into sensitive textiles. September 29, 2006

Intelligent Aircraft Fly, Cooperate Autonomously - The U.S. military depends on small, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to perform such tasks as serving as "eyes in the sky" for battalion commanders planning maneuvers. September 28, 2006

World's Largest Superconducting Solenoid Magnet Reaches Full Field - The world's largest superconducting solenoid magnet has reached full field. September 27, 2006

On Airplanes, Fiber Optics Poised To Reach New Heights - In an effort to provide safer and more reliable components for aircraft, researchers have invented an optical on-off switch that can replace electrical wiring on airplanes with fiber optics for controlling elevators, rudders, and other flight-critical elements. September 26, 2006

Virtual Reality Simulator Brings Computing And Software Education To Life - It's the shape and colour of a futuristic space ship. It holds the promise of drawing more young people into the field of information technology. September 25, 2006

An Artificial Heart That Doesn't Beat - A new concept for an artificial heart could solve some problems with older models - and test the idea that we don't need a pulse. September 24, 2006

'Invisible Wars' Of The Future To Use E-bombs, Laser Guns And Acoustic Weapons - Speaking at the Moscow Institute of Foreign Relations on September 1st, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: “An arms race is entering its new stage. There is a threat of new weaponry looming on the horizon.” What exactly did he mean by saying that? September 23, 2006

Autonomous Lenses May Bring Microworld Into Focus - When Hongrui Jiang looked into a fly's eye, he saw a way to make a tiny lens so "smart" that it can adapt its focal length from minus infinity to plus infinity-without external control. September 22, 2006

Engine On A Chip Promises To Best The Battery - MIT researchers are putting a tiny gas-turbine engine inside a silicon chip about the size of a quarter. The resulting device could run 10 times longer than a battery of the same weight can, powering laptops, cell phones, radios and other electronic devices. September 21, 2006

Imaging Technology Restores 700-Year-Old Sacred Hindu Text - Scientists who worked on the Archimedes Palimpsest are using modern imaging technologies to digitally restore a 700-year-old palm-leaf manuscript containing the essence of Hindu philosophy. September 20, 2006

UCSB and Intel Develop World's First Hybrid Silicon Laser - Researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and Intel Corporation have built the world's first electrically powered Hybrid Silicon Laser using standard silicon manufacturing processes. September 19, 2006

Researchers Develop Selective Sensors Based On Carbon Nanotubes - A team of researchers from Arizona State University and Motorola Labs, the applied research arm of Motorola Inc., has developed sensors based on carbon nanotubes, microscopically small structures that posses excellent electronic properties. September 18, 2006

High-tech Equipment May Help Reduce Wildlife-vehicle Collisions - As part of a six-year study, researchers at the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University have helped test and develop an animal-detection system that may give motorists the upper hand in avoiding crashes with wildlife across the nation. September 17, 2006

Bionic Arm Enables Neurological Control - Claudia Mitchell this week became the first woman to be outfitted with a bionic arm developed by the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. September 16, 2006

Quantum Kicks Quiet Quivering - According to quantum mechanics, it's impossible to measure the condition of a tiny object without disturbing it. This kick effectively limits what can be known about the thing and ordinarily keeps it from settling down. September 15, 2006

Brown Engineers Build A Better Battery With Plastic - Brown University engineers have created a new battery that uses plastic, not metal, to conduct electrical current. The hybrid device marries the power of a capacitor with the storage capacity of a battery. A description of the prototype is published in Advanced Materials. September 14, 2006

A Projector The Size Of A Sugar Cube - No larger than a sugar cube, the video projector is ready to hand at all times. Instead of the conventional microarrays, it contains just a single mirror which can be rotated around two axes. This makes it smaller, lighter and handier than traditional. September 13, 2006

Scientists And Engineers Simulate Jet Colliding With World Trade Center - Researchers at Purdue University have created a simulation that uses scientific principles to study in detail what likely happened when a commercial airliner crashed into the World Trade Center's North Tower on Sept. 11, 2001. September 12, 2006

'World's Smallest Controlled Heat Source' Studies Explosives At The Nanoscale - Using nanometer scale analysis techniques and quantities too small to explode, researchers have mapped the temperature and length-sale factors that make energetic materials - otherwise known as explosives - behave the way they do. September 11, 2006

Future Space Devices Inspired By Spider Legs - Are spiders ideal space travelers? Not quite, but according to a new study, their legs may be. September 10, 2006

Nano-signals Get A Boost From Magnetic Spin Waves - Researchers have figured out how nanoscale microwave transmitters gain greater signal power than the sum of their parts ... September 09, 2006

Organic Semiconductors Make Cheap, Flexible Photovoltaics And LEDs - Imagine T-shirts that light up, or a beach umbrella that collects solar energy to run a portable TV. How about really cheap solar collectors for the roof? September 08, 2006

LCDs Get Brighter With Nano Polarization Recycler - LCDs (liquid crystal displays) provide a popular method for lighting screens on everything from computers and TVs to watches, clocks, cell phones and more. September 07, 2006

Television In Top Quality - Whether you are at home or on the move new technologies are bringing TV in good quality on the “small screen”. Fraunhofer researchers will be presenting various systems at the International Broadcast Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam (September 8-12, 2006). September 06, 2006

New Robot Can Identify Wines, Cheeses - The ability to discern good wine from bad, name the specific brand from a tiny sip and recommend a complementary cheese would seem to be about as human a skill as there is. In Japan, robots are doing it. September 05, 2006

Australian Scientists Begin Human Tests On 'Bionic Eye' - Australian researchers developing a "bionic eye" say early tests have succeeded in stimulating limited visual sensation in people suffering a rare form of genetic blindness. September 04, 2006

Physicists Turn Single Molecules Into Working Transistors - University of Arizona physicists have discovered how to turn single molecules into working transistors. September 03, 2006

The Multimedia Dome: Look, Listen And Be Amazed - Making its first public appearance at the IFA international consumer electronics fair in Berlin, the Multimedia Dome is the first digital dome theater to feature natural spatial sound: it envelops visitors in fascinating universe of video pictures and sound. September 02, 2006

First Result From New Experiment Confirms Neutrino Oscillation - By sending a high-intensity beam of subatomic particles known as neutrinos from a laboratory in Batavia, Ill., to a particle detector located deep in a mine in Soudan, Minn., scientists have confirmed the neutrinos really do "oscillate," changing from one kind to another as they fly along. September 01, 2006

Researchers Use Fuel Cells To Power Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have conducted successful test flights of a hydrogen-powered unmanned aircraft believed to be the largest to fly on a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell using compressed hydrogen. August 31, 2006

More Effective Coordination For Smart-Systems Research - Smart systems based on microtechnology and nanotechnology hold great promise for future systems integration, with a variety of potential applications especially in medicine, automotive safety and aeronautics. August 30, 2006

Video Cameras Learn from Insect Eyes - The bane of all wedding videos - that picture of the bride in front of the window where her face is so dark that you can't see the features - may soon be a thing of the past. August 29, 2006

Turning Fuel Ethanol Into Beverage Alcohol - Fuel ethanol could be cheaply and quickly converted into the purer, cleaner alcohol that goes into alcoholic drinks, cough medicines, mouth washes and other products requiring food-grade alcohol. August 28, 2006

Multilayer Thin-film Sensors Enable Fast, Efficient Monitoring Of Aircraft Defects - As aircraft reach or exceed their design lifetimes, the U.S. Air Force is turning to advanced nondestructive evaluation methods to determine their fitness for continued duty. August 27, 2006

Nanoscience May Produce 'Perfect' Materials - A scientist at North Carolina State University has discovered that the tiny grains comprising many bulk materials can potentially contain nearly zero structural imperfections when the grains are smaller than a certain critical size, typically a few to several nanometers. August 26, 2006

Innovative Generator Could Spark Energy Savings - An innovative residential generator that can produce both heat and electricity could spark a revolution in energy efficiency, said Eric Guyer (S.M. 1974, Sc.D. 1977), the CEO of Climate Energy, during an MIT Energy Club talk recently. August 25, 2006

Engineers Create Gecko-inspired, High-friction Micro-fibers - Inspired by the remarkable hairs that allow geckos to hang single-toed from sheer walls and scamper along ceilings, a team of researchers led by engineers at the University of California, Berkeley, has created an array of synthetic micro-fibers that ... August 24, 2006

Carbon Fibers Make Tiny, Cheap Video Displays - Engineers who develop microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) like to make their tiny machines out of silicon because it is cheap, plentiful and can be worked on with the tools already developed for making microelectronic circuits. August 23, 2006

Insects Inspire Robotics Research - Insects are proving invaluable for one researcher at the University of Alberta, who hopes robots can perform the same types of tasks that ants or bees do. August 22, 2006

Energy From Ceramics - Micro fuel cells are already being acclaimed as an alternative to batteries. However, producing them from hundreds of tiny separate parts is complex and expensive. An alternative is now available: ceramic fuel cells that can be manufactured in one piece. August 21, 2006

New Advanced Imaging Facility Peers Inside Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Thanks to a new and improved imaging instrument at the Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), scientists now can conduct detailed surveillance on the comings and goings of water inside hydrogen fuel cells ... August 20, 2006

Eye Tracking Technology Poised To Be Next Trend To Immerse Gamers - The growing yen of video game enthusiasts to leave the real world in favour of a virtual one is driving a market trend toward developing easier-to-use controls – like those that allow gamers to play through eye movement. August 19, 2006

Artificial Muscles May Enable More Lifelike Color Displays - Scientists have unveiled a new technology that could lead to video displays that faithfully reproduce a fuller range of colors than current models, giving such a life-like viewing experience that it could be hard to go back to your old TV. August 18, 2006

A New Window Into The Deformation Of Nanoscale Materials - Materials on the nanoscale don't always have the same properties they would in bulk; for one thing, nanomaterials are often a lot harder. Unlike most bulk materials, a crystal that is small enough can be perfect, free of defects, capable of achieving strength near its ideal theoretical limit. August 17, 2006

System To Help Blind Navigate Environment - Imagine being blind and trying to find your way around a city you've never visited before - that can be challenging for a sighted person. August 16, 2006

Using Current Technology To Prepare For Quantum Computing - “If we use the environment in the process,” explains Almut Beige, “we don’t need to control everything.” Dr. Beige and two students working with her at Imperial College London ... August 15, 2006

New Mobile Robot Balances, Moves On Ball Instead Of Wheels Or Legs - Carnegie Mellon University researchers have developed a new type of mobile robot that balances on a ball instead of legs or wheels. August 14, 2006

In New Hybrid Chip, Molecules Are Memories - As scientists strive to satisfy the growing demand of the digital era for faster, smaller, and cheaper electronics, one of the most promising technologies is hybrids. August 13, 2006

New Light Microscope Sharpens Scientists' Focus - A new light microscope so powerful that it allows scientists peering inside cells to discern the precise location of nearly each individual protein they are studying has been developed and successfully demonstrated by scientists ... August 12, 2006

Detector Can Count Atom By Atom - More than 80 years have passed since Louis de Broglie discovered that matter can act like a wave as well as a particle. With advances in technology, scientists have recently begun exploiting this strange property of everyday matter for applications such as atom lasers ... August 11, 2006

Purdue Research Helps Advance New Rocket Technology - Purdue University engineers are conducting research to help NASA develop rockets faster and less expensively for future missions to Mars and the moon. August 10, 2006

Researchers Find Controls To Gold Nanocatalysis - Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have made a discovery that could allow scientists to exercise more control over the catalytic activity of gold nanoclusters. August 09, 2006

Kayaks Adapted To Test Marine Robotics - IT researchers are working toward the day when a team of robots could be put into action like a team of Navy SEALs - doing such dangerous work as searching for survivors after devastating hurricanes or sweeping harbors for mines. August 08, 2006

New X-Ray Microbeam Answers 20-Year-Old Metals Question - What happens to metals when you bend them? The question isn't as easy as you may think. August 07, 2006

Device Could Do 'Battle' With Hospital Infections - An innovative University at Buffalo air sterilization technology that the U.S. Department of Defense is funding to protect troops on the battlefield soon may be protecting hospital patients from deadly infections. August 06, 2006

Scientists Develop Artwork That Changes To Suit Your Mood - Computer scientists from Bath and Boston have developed electronic artwork that changes to match the mood of the person who is looking at it. August 05, 2006

IBM Researchers Look Beyond Silicon Technology - Scientists at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory have demonstrated how a single molecule can be switched between two distinct conductive states, which allows it to store data. August 04, 2006

Purdue Engineers Lay Groundwork For 'Vertically Oriented Nanoelectronics' - Engineers at Purdue University have developed a technique to grow individual carbon nanotubes vertically on top of a silicon wafer, a step toward making advanced electronics ... August 03, 2006

Three From MIT Envision Grow-Your-Own Home - In the future, homeowners may grow their houses instead of building them. August 02, 2006

How To Build A Solar Generator - Demand for solar power is rapidly heating up. But constructing and deploying large photovoltaic panels to generate electricity remains expensive. August 01, 2006

Future Jet Engines May Be Plastic, Researchers Say - The jet engine of the future could be made of materials that are more like plastics than steel, if studies at the University of Missouri-Rolla find that these new materials can ... July 31, 2006

Scientists Build 'Magnetic Semiconductors' One Atom At A Time - In a stride that could hasten the development of computer chips that both calculate and store data, a team of Princeton scientists has turned semiconductors into magnets by the precise ... July 30, 2006

Light-Sensing Fibers For Transparent Cameras - Semiconducting fiber webs could transform the way we make images. July 29, 2006

An Ultrasonic Tourniquet To Stop Battlefield Bleeding - The U.S. military has begun developing an ultrasonic tourniquet in an effort to stop life-threatening bleeding during combat. July 28, 2006

Novel Nano-Etched Cavity Makes LEDs 7 Times Brighter - Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have made semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs) more than seven times brighter by etching nanoscale grooves in a surrounding cavity to guide scattered light in one direction. July 27, 2006

Developing Alternatives To Fossil Fuels - Virginia Commonwealth University researchers have developed a new storage system to hold large quantities of hydrogen fuel that may one day power cars in a more cost-effective and consumer-friendly way. July 26, 2006

Putting A Face On Android Science By Exploring An Uncanny Valley - We might be more responsive to robots designed to look human rather than mechanical, but other factors may determine what causes us to accept or shun these virtual humans. July 25, 2006

Making Hair Realistic In Computer Animation - Poets and novelists often describe hair as "shining" or "shimmering." Dark hair has a "sheen"; blond hair "glows." All this comes about because of the complex scattering of incident light off of individual hairs and from one hair to another. July 24, 2006

Researchers Use Metamaterials To Alter Light's Path, Speed - Physicist Costas Soukoulis and his research group at the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory on the Iowa State University campus are having the time of their lives making light travel backwards at negative speeds that appear faster than the speed of light. July 23, 2006

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